Playing in the rain

As much as I love my camera, it is heavy.  This means that sometimes I think twice about whether to take it with me on an outing.  Particularly if I’m not sure that there will be many opportunities for photo-taking.

This was one such day.  We had friends visiting with their eighteen-month old son and I really wanted to take some photos of him.  The Saturday had been a bit of a washout and I thought that Sunday might turn that way too.  Fortunately, I decided to take my camera along with me when we went for a walk in St Fagans National History Museum (an outdoor museum with a fascinating array of buildings, some over 500 years old, that have been painstakingly rebuilt within the grounds of an old country estate).

As we were all trying to dodge the puddles, little A jumped right in and had a whale of a time splashing around in his new yellow wellington boots.  The orange and yellow leaves on the ground set the perfect ground scene for his splashing.  Lugging my camera around in the rain was definitely rewarded!

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