Five small but good things…week one

This is the first (hopefully!) in a series of weekly blog posts that highlights good things that have happened to me in the previous week. They will probably be small things (I might throw a few biggies in there too!) but that’s the whole point. Sometimes (particularly in dark grey January days) I find it all too easy to get bogged down in routine and mundanity, and I risk failing to appreciate a multitude of little positive things that are there if I take the time to notice them!

So here goes with my first five…

ONE: My son was given a lovely book called Peck Peck Peck for Christmas and I spotted a book by the same author in a charity shop on Monday. It’s called Hooray for Fish and has lots of colourful fish illustrations and a playful rhyme that weaves throughout the pictures. My son loves the illustrations. I’m really grateful for all of the new toys and books that our son has been bought by friends and family, but I also love looking for secondhand books and toys in charity shops. They’re often only used for such a short time, so there are many things in great condition. Plus I like to think that they’ve been loved by one or more children before and that once my son has played with them, we can then pass them on so that they can be used and loved once more.


TWO: I had made an early morning dentist appointment last week, which I wasn’t looking forward to, not just because the morning routine with our son would be rushed but the weather was meant to be really wet and blustery that day and I had to walk to the surgery. However, when I set off at 7.30, the rain hadn’t reached the city and there was a beautiful pink sky. Even better, as it was early, the streets were relatively quiet and it felt like I had the pink sky all to myself!


THREE: My son and I play on the sofa in the afternoons, reading books and generally making each other laugh. I’d tried tickling his feet a while ago and didn’t get much of a response, but last week, he was in a particularly ticklish mood and was laughing non-stop when I tickled his feet. I’m not sure whether it was his feet as such or more that he was in a fun mood. But his laughter always perks me up, particularly mid-afternoon when I’m starting to feel a bit tired!


FOUR: I’m a bit of a fabric hoarder and although I’ve become better at only buying fabric that I have a use for, I do still have a bit of a stash. I’d bought a huge piece of upholstery fabric when we were visiting family in Yorkshire last year. I’d used a small amount of it to re-upholster a stool but the rest was waiting to be used. Last week, I thought of a use for it! I need to re-cover some dining chair seat pads that have become stained and I think that the fabric will work really well on the vintage chairs. I’ll share some photos of the finished project soon!


FIVE: I’ve had this cookbook, Green Kitchen Travels, for a while. It was a present from my mum a few Christmases ago. It’s a fantastic book full of inspiring vegetarian recipes accompanied by gorgeous travel and food photos. I’d only managed to make one or two things from the book, and since having my son last year, my cooking had been reduced to quick, well-practised meals (when I actually cooked, as my partner has been doing most of the cooking!). However, my son is starting to play for slightly longer periods by himself and I managed to find time to make not one but TWO recipes from the book last week. I adapted a snack bar recipe, and made some halloumi, carrot and courgette fritters which were delicious! I’m hoping that I can continue to find time to make one or two things a week from this (and other neglected cookery books in our kitchen!)

Until next week. x

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