Five small but good things…week two

Last week was another wet and grey week weather-wise, so I really enjoyed focusing on good things that happened.

Here they are…

ONE: On Monday, we didn’t have any plans so I took Max to the library to get him a library card. Our local library is in a beautiful Victorian building made from sand-coloured stone. It has huge glazed windows that create fantastic light-filled reading rooms inside. What with the many library closures over recent years, we’re lucky that we have such a lovely local library within walking distance of our house (with super-friendly staff too!). I know that I could borrow books for Max using my library card but I wanted him to be a member and have his own card so that when he gets a little older he will hopefully value his library membership. I’m looking forward to going back this week to borrow a couple of books for him!

Library card1Library card2

TWO: My sister-in-law is a talented artist (@secondhandhe_art) and she painted us a picture last year, which we have in our living room. It’s hanging above a vintage record player and radio that I bought in a charity shop a while ago. The top of the record player is on the way through our living room to the kitchen and is a dumping ground for various day-to-day things…letters, receipts, spare change, phone chargers etc. The top had got particularly messy and had been annoying me for weeks. I finally found a spare half an hour to sort out all the crap on the top and give it a good clean. I felt so much better having sorted out the mess. We can view the painting better and I feel that I’ve given it the space it deserves. I’ll do my best not to let the mess build up again!


THREE: I managed to make another recipe from a cookbook. Hurrah! This time I used Anna Jones’ A Modern Way to Cook (another book I often drool over when flicking through the recipes). The meals that I have made have all turned out well, and last week’s one didn’t disappoint. It was a butternut squash and chick-pea stew with a coconut sauce. It was delicious and even Max ate a small amount, which was surprising given that it had quite a strong herby flavour!

Monday night cooking

FOUR: I spent a relaxing afternoon with my friend, Jen, at Waterloo Tea Room’s latest cafe in Lakeside, Cardiff. It was wet and cold outside, hence the condensation on the windows but it made the cafe feel more atmospheric inside. I had a falafel wrap with a small bowl of soup, which was wholesome and comforting. It was just what I needed, as I’d been trying to get rid of a cold for the past week. My rooibos tea was deliciously fragrant too. I finished off lunch with a latte and half a chocolate peanut butter cup shared with Jen. It was gooey and sticky and we devoured it so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of it! Max seemed to enjoy his cafe outing too, he ate most of his lunch, had lots of cuddles with Jen and then spent ages exploring things on the sofa next to me. We’ll definitely be going back!

Waterloo tea 2

FIVE: Our house needed a bit of maintenance on the weekend, so my parents looked after Max for a while so that we could get on with some DIY tasks. I’d forgotten how quick it is to do things when not looking after a baby who has just started crawling! My main task was painting a wall that had needed a bit of plasterwork repair. I LOVE painting walls. I find it really therapeutic (my mum is the same so maybe I’ve inherited my love of it!). I only intended to do one wall but had some paint left over so ended up also painting most of the utility room. I even got a bit of paint in my hair, which was a sign that I’d had fun!

Until next week. x

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