Five small but good things…week three

Last week was the first week that I started thinking that spring might not be too far away. It’s still bloody cold but we had some clear sunny days and the afternoons are starting to get lighter, plus we left January behind – hoorah!

My five things for the week…

ONE: I’ve been going out more in the evenings again. Nothing crazy, but a night out every week or couple of weeks.  Last week, I went for dinner with a friend to Milgi, one of my favourite places to hang out.  When I go out without Max, I like using one of my handbags, which are quite neglected these days. Usually, my purse and anything else I need gets stuffed in the backpack that we use as a changing/feeding bag!  I’d forgotten about this vintage shoulder bag – I used to use it a lot but then the clasp broke and my attempts to fix it didn’t work so it got relegated to the back of the wardrobe. I really love the simple pattern on the flap and have decided that it’s still usable even if it doesn’t fasten. I just have to make sure not to fill it too full! It was so nice travelling light for a change – just this little bag over my shoulder with a few essentials.


TWO: I’ve been taking Max swimming since he was about five months old and for the first few months, he seemed a bit overwhelmed by the experience. I think that the lights and reflections from the water, plus the different sounds reverberating around the pool were all unfamiliar to him. He didn’t cry but didn’t seem to be enjoying himself. However, he’s always loved having baths and water so I’ve continued taking him. The last few weeks, he’s started to smile and laugh while we’re in the pool, and even started kicking his legs last week. It’s really lovely to see him enjoying himself. I swam a lot when I was younger and find being in water very relaxing, so I hope that he’ll also share my love of swimming! I don’t have any photos of him in the swimming pool yet, so this one in my parents’ kitchen sink will have to do!

baby boy 2 bathtime

THREE: We’ve been struggling a lot with coughs and colds this winter in our house. The lack of sleep has meant that things have been lingering too long! I’m a bit of a fruit addict (a friend who I used to live with once commented that I’d had all my five recommended portions of fruit by breakfast-time)! I sometimes forget to eat as much fruit as I used to during the day, but since Max has been having meals, we’ve been eating fruit together and both enjoyed a lot of pears and bananas last week.


FOUR: On our weekly visit to the library, I had parked the pushchair in front of the hobbies/lifestyle section. I had a quick look, not expecting to find much of interest, as it was such a small section but I spotted this portrait photography book. I’m not a big fan of photography manuals as I tend to find that I learn more from looking at websites, blog posts and forums etc. However, I was attracted by the cover shot, and the book is really informative and practical. I’ve read it already and will be going through it again to try out some of the approaches and tips.


FIVE: I love vintage items (and used to run an online business selling vintage homewares). As well as vintage homewares and fashion, I have a soft spot for old cars and vans.  We were in Stroud on the weekend and saw this lovely Citroen van being used as a flower shop. The vans seem ubiquitous these days but their cute boxy shape and simple lines always draw me to them. This one looked particularly pretty with the flowers outside.


Until next week. x

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