Five small but good things…week four

I spent a lot of time at home last week, partly because it was wet and cold outside most days, but also because I’ve been trying to get Max used to napping in his cot during the day (more on that later!) so we needed to be at home a bit more than usual. However, we still had a few nice trips out.

My five things for the week…

IMG_4840ONE: Cardiff has a great market in the centre of town and I try to pop in when I get a chance. It has an excellent fishmongers, and last week, I had a chance to stop and buy some fish. I find the stall fascinating for its different varieties of fish and also the speed at which the staff serve customers and the general bustle of the place. I cooked the fish that evening with a bit of lemon, garlic and some smoked paprika – delicious!

IMG_4848TWO: Another one of my favourite places to visit is Cocorico Patisserie. It’s hard not to drool at their artful cakes every time I walk past. They’ve also started making small batches of bread again. I called in last week, hoping that they’d have one of their sourdough loaves left, and I was in luck – I had the last one. I love the chunky shape – inside the hard crust was a deliciously soft and chewy bread.  It didn’t last long in our house with all three of us munching on it!

IMG_4869THREE: I love charity shops and I try to buy as many clothes as possible from them, particularly for Max, as he grows out of things so quickly. There’s a smattering of charity shops on our local high street and I go in regularly to check out their updated stock. There seems to be a shortage of clothes for Max’s age range (maybe because parents tend to be bought lots of newborn and young baby clothes but not as much when babies get a bit older). But I struck lucky in one of the shops last week and found a bundle of things that were perfect, and at such a reasonable price! My favourite is this almost-new orange coat. It’s perfect for the current cold weather and Max seems to like it too, fortunately.

IMG_4853FOUR: For those who haven’t experienced living with a baby who doesn’t nap easily, the following might seem like a very minor thing to write about. However, for those with experience of a baby who needs to be held or driven in the car etc to nap, you’ll hopefully understand why this features in my list. Until last week, I have never managed to get Max to sleep in his cot for a nap. As he’s been getting bigger and heavier, I was feeling more restricted with his dependence on me for naps. We’d worked with the knowledgeable Kerry at the end of last year to help with bedtime and sleeping so I decided to apply her approach to naps. Max has taken to napping in his cot surprisingly well and it’s given me some much needed time by myself to catch up on household tasks, or do a bit of photo-editing and blogging (and eat my breakfast as seen above)!

IMG_4870FIVE: At the end of the week, we went to the National Museum Wales, to meet up with a friend and her son. My friend’s dad is an organ restoration specialist and one of the organs he’d restored is on display in the Museum. Her dad had mentioned that the organ was featuring in a piece of performance art, so we went to investigate not knowing what to expect. The organ is displayed in one of the large art galleries and the gallery had been removed of all artwork for the performance. A 1950s Italian song was being played repeatedly by an organist. The effect of the solo organist in a dimly lit empty gallery was captivating and we sat the little ones on the floor to play quietly with their toys and just listened. I love outings like this, where you stumble upon something unusual on a relatively everyday outing. Go and see it if you’re in the area!

Until next week. x

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