Five small but good things…week five

Last week seemed to go by quite quickly and by Wednesday I was worried that I’d not been collecting enough good things. But by the end of the week, plenty of good things had happened. Here are my selected five…


ONE: I had a night out to meet up with my book club friends. A friend of a friend (who has now become a friend!) invited me to join the group when I first moved back to Cardiff. I am really grateful to her for doing that, as not only is it a great way to read books regularly (many of which I wouldn’t have chosen to read), and to sample some of Cardiff’s many restaurants (we try to go to a restaurant loosely linked in theme to the book) but I’ve also made some lovely friends. When Max was born, they bought me a beautiful version of Peter Pan, which I’m saving for when he’s a little older. I’ve never actually read the story so I’m looking forward to discovering it too.


TWO: I’m getting real enjoyment from cooking at the moment. I think that it’s partly because Max is enjoying food so much that I want to make sure that I’m making healthy food that he can eat too. He really likes bread but I’m keen not to give him overly processed stuff. My mum made him some mini low salt loaves but we’d run out. I remembered that a friend had sent me a recipe for breadsticks so I made some dough and popped them in the oven when making dinner. I think that I overcooked them slightly as they’re a little tough for Max to chew but he does like sucking on them! Plus they’re great to dip in soups and stews.

THREE: The same friend who gave me the breadstick recipe bought me the beautiful Willow patterned serving plate (above) a few years back. Since we moved house, it had been wrapped in bubble wrap in a cupboard waiting to be displayed somewhere. I was looking for something to put cheese on and decided to use it. I’d forgotten how detailed the picture is and I’ve been using it for various things since then. It’s nice having something pretty in amongst our utilitarian pieces of everyday crockery!


FOUR: I finally got around to putting up some pictures that a friend has bought for Max. I’d framed them a while ago and they’ve been on a shelf in his nursery. The other day I found a spirit level, and stuck them up on the wall while Max played on the floor. It literally took about ten minutes, but sometimes even the quickest of tasks takes a while to get done! I love the pictures and they look great with the grey wall as a background.


FIVE: Continuing the cooking theme, I made pancakes last week. We bought a new frying pan last year as our other one had lost its non-stick coating. This replacement is so good! I love a good frying pan and I think the real test of one is how easy it is to cook omelettes and pancakes. This one has a really thick base that seems to distribute the heat evenly. So satisfying! Every time I make pancakes, which is only a few times a year, I always think why don’t I make them more often. I’ll have to try to remember to do that this year.

Until next week…

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