Five small but good things…week six

It was half-term last week so our usual activities weren’t running but we still had a busy week with lots of fun times – catching up with a friend, playing at home and going for walks on cold, sunny days.

Here are my five things for the week…

ONE: We didn’t have our usual swimming class on Thursday but as Max loves water so much, I thought we’d do a daytime bath with his favourite bath toys. Not quite as good as the swimming pool but he had a splash around and used up some energy! He’s always loved baths even since he was very young and as he’s now able to sit up confidently, it’s nice to see him so happy and relaxed in the water.


TWO: We met up with a friend and her son at Raglan Farm Park, which was a fun place to visit – better than I’d expected. Although the park is more suited to slightly older children, Max still seemed to enjoy himself. He was fascinated by the animals and seemed to like the donkeys in particular. He also had a ride in a swing for the first time. For some reason, I had thought that he’d be too small for swings but he was really comfortable in this orange one and loved being pushed back and forth. I’ll have to find some swings in our local park for him to play on.


THREE: We spent a couple of days in the Gower, and one bright and clear morning we went for a walk along the coast. Max had woken early (as usual!) so as soon as we’d finished breakfast, we headed out along the coastal path. The wind was incredibly cold so we wrapped up as much as possible. The morning sunlight was beautiful and we didn’t see anyone the entire time we were out.

IMG_4924FOUR: I love decorating and painting and we had some outside walls in our garden that were looking shabby and needed a new coat of paint. Fortunately, they’re in a sheltered spot so even though it was cold out, the sun kept the area relatively warm. It only took about an hour to paint this wall and two others but they look much fresher and cleaner than before. I usually get very messy while painting and kind of enjoy getting messy. However, I didn’t have my painting clothes on, so I had to be extra careful not to splatter myself. I did pretty well and only got a few specks of paint on my jacket that should come off easily.

IMG_4926FIVE: We’ve been trying to reduce the amount of clutter in our house and are slowly sorting through each room to rid ourselves of things that we no longer use. We have a LOT of CDs and have been digitising ones that we want to keep and then giving them to charity shops. However, I also like the physical nature of CDs – I like their artwork and that they’re an object rather than a digital file on a laptop. So we’re keeping some of our favourites.

Until next week. x

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