Five small but good things…week seven

This post is very late because we were all struck down with the flu that everyone seems to have had and I’m only catching up on things now. Plus I only have three photos for my five things! Never mind – I wanted to post this anyway to keep up the momentum!

So here goes!…

IMG_1540-2ONE: The day before the snow hit Cardiff, Max and I met up with, Laura, a school friend, and her son who is ten days older than Max. We had planned on going for a walk but the wind was so bitterly cold that we ended sitting in a cafe for a couple of hours chatting while the boys played next to us. It was very enjoyable. It’s been lovely seeing so much of Laura and her son, and also so helpful to have someone to compare notes with (often in the early hours of the morning) regarding the babies. I ordered a HUGE piece of cake (I hadn’t realised how large it was when I chose it) that almost defeated me. I could have done with another coffee to counterbalance the sugar, I think!


IMG_4934TWO: When Max was ill last week, my beloved slippers were in the path of the sick, so had to go in the washing machine. I’m never without my slippers in the house so I was wondering what to use as a temporary substitute. Then I remembered these woolly socks that I’d received as a Christmas present. A woman in my parents-in-law’s village hand knits them and I have a few pairs. I love the vibrant slightly imperfect patterns on them. Plus wearing them over another pair of socks kept my feet toasty warm!


IMG_4930THREE: I used to do a lot of yoga before I was pregnant and carried on going to yoga classes for most of my pregnancy (swapping my regular classes for a pregnancy one in the later stages). Max and I go to a mum and baby yoga class once a week, which I really enjoy. However, Max is so mobile now that I think we won’t be able to go much longer. So I thought that I’d get out my neglected yoga mat and try to do some yoga on the kitchen floor. My hopes of Max playing alongside me were thwarted when he came crawling towards me at full speed as soon as the mat was on the floor. I managed a couple of sun salutations but when I was lying on my front, Max decided to climb on top of me, pinning me to the ground! So a short yoga session, but it still felt very good to be stretching again and going through the familiar routine. I’ve left the mat in the kitchen in the hope that I can get it out a couple of times a week.

FOUR: On one of the snow days, we ventured out of the house to Chapter Arts Centre, one of my favourite places in Cardiff. I was feeding Max while we were there, when suddenly a member of the bar staff came over to bring me a large glass of water. She didn’t say anything but just smiled as she gave me the water. I’m usually pretty good at drinking water while breast-feeding but I’d forgotten to get a glass. Up until that point I hadn’t realised how thirsty I was, so I was extremely grateful at this thoughtful gesture.

FIVE: I was introduced to the poem Ithaka (via Instagram) and I think that it’s an incredibly beautiful and powerful poem. A poem is difficult to represent in a photograph and I had lots of grand plans of creating a visual representation at my craft desk, which haven’t as yet materialised. So for now, if you don’t know the poem, I recommend that you take a read here.

Until next week. x

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