Five small but good things…week nine

Last week was a nice mix of time at home and going out (mainly to the park or on bracing coastal walks!).

Here are my five good things…

IMG_4992ONE: Max has inherited a cimbala, a Russian lap harp, which used to belong to his great-grandmother. She was a teacher and used to play songs on it to the children in her class. It’s a really simple but tuneful instrument and Max loves listening to it. However, it’s quite hard to play it most of the time, as he also wants to pluck the strings! The cimbala came with some song sheets that can be placed under the strings and I’ve enjoyed playing them. Max’s little cousin has also been given one but it’s in need of a bit of repair – hopefully that one will be ready to be played soon too.

IMG_5014TWO: I’d been looking for a couple of containers to store the toys and books that are strewn around our house. Not wanting to add more clutter to our house, I’d been hoping to find something that we already owned that would work. I thought I’d try out these vintage suitcases, which I’d bought a while back but hadn’t found a good use for. They work really well with the books and toys as Max can get things out of the suitcases by himself. He also enjoyed sitting in one of them before the toys went in!

IMG_5004THREE: I’m fed up of drying laundry in the house. Not only does it make the house feel more damp, it also makes us feel like we’re living in a laundry. So I was so pleased when, last week, it was warm enough to hang some laundry out in the garden and bring it in late afternoon to find it pretty much dry! It’s probably the first time that I’ve been out in our garden for a couple of months. It’s made me long even more for some warmer weather.

IMG_5016FOUR: Max still likes books and I find that they’re a useful way of spending some quiet time with him before naps, bedtime etc. There are lots of really imaginative and beautiful children’s books out there. One of my favourites from our last library visit was Baby Bear, Baby Bear. It’s illustrated by Eric Carle, of The Very Hungry Caterpillar fame, and it features animals and birds native to North America. The illustrations are magical and Max seems captivated by them.

FIVE: On Friday, we popped to one of our local high streets. I don’t usually find it a particularly inspiring area to visit. However, maybe it was because it was Friday, but in the three shops we went to, the owners/assistants were really chatty and friendly. I find it’s those short chats that make an ordinary shopping trip a bit more interesting and enjoyable!

Until next week. x

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