Small but good things…week eleven

I’m stretching the ‘five small but good’ format this week, as I’m focusing on one good thing in more detail. As Max has been getting more mobile, I try to find places to visit where he can crawl around and explore things. I’ve been struggling to find places that I like but that are also interesting for Max. However, last week, we went to two places that were perfect – museums…!

Our first trip was to the National Museum in Cardiff, where Max had a crawl around the floor of an empty gallery. He particularly liked the wooden benches.


Then later in the week, we went to the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea. There was a huge floorspace perfect for crawling, particularly as there weren’t many people there. We also found a reading area with comfy chairs, which provided a good spot to hang out for a while.

IMG_5119IMG_5126I’ve enjoyed exploring the museums with Max, watching what captures his interest. It’s also been a great opportunity for me to take some photos of him, in his more reflective moments.

Until next week. x

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